Web Renju Board

Web Renju Board is a renju board working in you browser.

Web Renju Board can input/play a Renju record with branches, so you can use it as a Renju board editor. We develop it by modifying the famous “Web Go Board”, so it provides some useful features:

  • Skin change
  • Setting viewport
  • Animating the records
  • Export to pictures
  • Problem solving mode
  • Play sounds
  • Save to SGF(Smart Game Format) data

How to use it

If you’d like to use Web Renju Board, please visit here.

Also, you’d like to use Web Renju Board in your homepage or your wordpress blog, see these articles.

  • How to use Web Renju Board in your homepage (under construction)
  • How to use Web Renju Board in your wordpress blog (under construction)

Usage of Web Renju Board

The most basic usage is inputting a game record. By default, you can put black/white stones sequentially by clicking on the board. It’s easy way to understand how to use the board by clicking the Web Renju board.

The move goes next or back to the previous move by wheeling your the mouse.

Press the F3 key, then the input mode is set to “Board input mode”, so you can put a stone by

  • Left click: a black stone
  • Shift + Left click: a white stone

If you’d like to input black/white stones sequentially(“Diagram input mode”), press the F1 key.

Now, we’d like to explain how to save/load the Renju record data. Web Renju Board supports the SGF format by the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl+S or Select “Download as SGF” from the menu
    • save as a SGF file
  • Press Ctrl+C or Select “Copy to clipboard” from the menu
    • copy SGF data to clipboard

Similarly, you can load the SGF data:

  • Press Ctrl+O or Select “Load from disk” from the menu
    • load a SGF file
  • Press Ctrl+V or Select “Load from clipboard” from the menu
    • load SGF data from clipboard


Web Renju Board is distributed under LGPL v3.0 at the GitHub. Please visit our GitHub site if you’re interested in contributing our programs.


We’re deeply grateful to Ilya Kirillov who is the author of Web Go Board and HtmlGoBoard project. We couldn’t develop Web Renju Board in short term without the Web Go Board.